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Now readers can actively follow along with the awesome adventures of Lyle Little! This 3-D reading app lets you read or listen along however you feel comfortable. Play games, solve puzzles, change narrator voices, make the book totally yours!

Play with your friends, your parents, and even your teacher! Whether you want to read, watch, or listen, this fun game offers hours of interactive entertainment


The Adventures of Lyle Little Book 1

Can Lyle achieve his dream of becoming big and tall? Or will Mean Melvin steal his opportunity? Read Lyle Little Book 1 to find out!

Join Lyle Little in the adventure of a lifetime as he discovers a mysterious book that takes him to the height he has always dreamt of becoming. However, it won't be easy, Mean Melvin and his friends are always behind him, trying to figure out the secret to his new inventions.

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The Adventures of Lyle Little Book 2

Continuing the Adventures of Lyle Little, Book 2 offers the dramatic conclusion to Lyle's first crazy adventure!

Join Lyle Little as he is continuously lead on by Fred to build bigger and crazier contraptions that only lead him to question his loyalty to Fred. What will Lyle do? Will he continue doing what Fred tells him? Or will he finally muster the strength to be confident in himself? Find out what Lyle does in Lyle Little Book 2!

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Fun Stories

The Adventures of Lyle Little takes you on exciting adventures with robots and mad scientists!


Fun puzzles can be found throughout the book. Unscramble the words for extra points!

Change Narrators

Now you can listen to the book from different characters in the book!

Share with Friends

Ask your friend who their favorite narrator is, or compare reading levels to see where you are!

Learn More Words

There will be challenging words, and we're leaving it up to you to learn them all!

Play Anywhere

Take the Adventures of Lyle Little anywhere you go with an iPhone or an iPad!

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