The Adventures of Lyle Little Book 2

Join Lyle as he reaches his goal of growing up, but is this really what he wants?

Reading Your Way

All kinds of readers can enjoy The Adventures of Lyle Little! We have three distinct reading levels that allow readers to adjust to their specific understanding. The higher the reading level, the more advanced the words become. Our puzzles take this one step further by scaling to the users' level, encouraging them to look at context clues to encourage deeper understanding of what they're reading.

Reading Made Easy

The Adventures of Lyle Little has been designed with any and every reader in mind. Whether you'r child is the best reader in their class, or maybe struggle with those bigger words, we want everybody to enjoy our book, and reading in general! To help readers feel more confident, we've added some fancy features in our book.

  • Play various games at the end of major sections
  • Solve puzzles to see how you're progressing in the story
  • Choose a reading level that you're comfortable with
  • Listen to different narrators tell the story
  • Interact with characters and hear dozens of extra lines